Lord Shiva

In the Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva is the Destroyer and the most important one in the Holy Trinity, the other two being Brahma the Creator and Vishnu the Protector. Lord Shiva has always fascinated his followers by his unique appearance: he has not two but three eyes, has ash smeared all over his body, has snakes coiled up around his head and arms, wears tiger and elephant skin, leads a wild life in the cremation grounds far removed from social pretenses, and is known for his proverbial anger.

Lord Vishnu

He has four arms and is male: The four arms indicate his all-powerful and all-pervasive nature. His physical existence is represented by the two arms in the front, while the two arms at the back represent his presence in the spiritual world. The Upanishad Gopal Uttartapani describes the four arms. Title has been given since some of these facts may be shocking for someone, soothing for devotees and interesting for others. Some of these facts may be known to someone but unknown to other.

Lord Brahma

In Hinduism, Lord Brahma is the first god of the Trinity (Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh). He is the creator of the universe. But, he is not worshipped as Lord Vishnu and Shiva. There is only one temple dedicated to him, which is the Pushkar temple of Rajasthan. And many temples are dedicated to Vishnu and Shiva. There is no corner of India where there are no temples of Vishnu and Shiva.

Sri Navamohana Krishna Perumal Temple- Thiruvaaipadi, Aayarpadi

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About the Temple & Location :
This Divyadesam is 8 miles away from Mathura.
To reach this Temple, one has to travel 3 miles from Mathura and cross the bridge on the Yamuna river.
After that, travelling 5 miles by road, we can reach the Temple of Gokulam.

Sri Krishna, who was born to Sri Vasudeva and Devaki in Mathura, was brought up by Nandagopa and Yasodhai in Aayarpadi. This is the place where Sri Krishna spent all of his childhood days.
The temple where the Alwars did the mangalasasanam of the perumal is not in existence now and the idols now found are said to be installed in the later date.
Soordasr, who was one of the disciple of Sri Vallabhacharya was a blind person and after he was brought up to this temple, he was blessed by Sri Krishna and praised the perumal in of poems.

In the life of a person, there are two main relationships that will continue and end till our lives. One is the mother and the next is the wife. For Sri Krishna, there are two mother, Devaki who gave him the birth and the other one is Yasodha who brought Him up. Like how he got two mother, he got two wives also. One is Rukmani and the other one is Sathyabama. Thus, Sri Krishna gives importance to both of his mothers and his two wives. To explain this, this sthalaperumal Navamohana Krishna gives his seva along with his two wives, Rukmani and Sathyabama in standing posture.
The Aayarpadi Sthalapuranam is closely related with Mahakavi Soordasa and Sathyabama. In the previous Janmha, Soordasa lived as Akroorar, once a great devotee who is considered to be great person in character and a sincere Vishnu bhakta.
One day, Sathyabama was feeling lonely in the palace and she was in an urge mood to see Sri Krishna. But, Sri Krishna was unable to come to the palace then. At that time, Akroora came to the palace. On seeing the restlessness of Sathyabama he asked for the reason why she was restless? She told that she wants to see Sri Krishna that too in one minute, if he doesn’t come in a minute, she will sacrifice her life. As her name is Sathyabama, she will do whatever she says. Hearing this from Sathyabama, Akroora went in search of Sri Krishna. He could not find him anywhere. The time is also running and it is almost to end of a minute. Without knowing the consequence, Akroora he himself changed into Sri Krishna and stood in front of Sathyabama. On seeing this, Sathyabama could not recognize that it is only Akroora who had come there as Sri Krishna and she started to talk to him in love words.
After this, Akroora went towards Sri Krishna and told him what had happened. On hearing this, Sri Krsihna got angry on him and shouted at him that he has imitated as the perumal (Paramathma) and by doing this he has comitted a sin and that is his eyes saw Sathyabama in a different way. so, Sri Krishna cursed him that in the next Janma he will be born as a blind person and Sathyabama as an ordinary working person. But, at the same time, he said once they get the Gnana, their curse will wither away.
As cursed, Akroorar born as “Soordasa”, in the next Janma. Despite being blind only in vision, his Gnana was so bright and he always praised the Lord through his songs and finally he got the Sabha vimochan through Sri Krishna.

Sri Navamohana Krishna Perumal Temple- Thiruvaaipadi, Aayarpadi
About 4 miles away from Aayarpadi, there is a place named “Purana Gokulam” and a Krishna temple which is considered to be Gokulam. The Yamuna river flows in front of the purana (old) Gokulam temple and idols of Nandagopa, Yasodha and Balarama are seen. In a wooden cradle, one can see Sri Krishna posing as a child.
This Gokulam divyadesam is said to be with mnay of childhood naughty acts performed by Sri Krishna. The devotees are advised to visit both Gokulam and Old Gokulam.

The Moolavar of this Gokulam sthalam is Navamohana Krishna. Moolavar is standing posture (Nindra thirukkolam) facing east direction. Prathyaksham for Nandagopar.

Sri Rukmani & Sri Sathyabama are the two Naachiyaars giving divine grace to this kshetram.

Periyalwar – 10 Paasurams
Andal – 5 Paasurams
Thirumangai Alwar – 7 Paasurams.

Yamuna river.
Hema Kooda Vimaanam.