Saatchinatheswarar Temple, Thiruppurambiyam – Kumbakonam

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About Temple :

This temple is around 5 kms from kumbakonam.Swamimalai,innambur,pateswaram are some of the other temples near to this temple .People who wants win court cases should visit this temple .

History of Shri Pralayam Kaatha Vinayagar
Sri Pralayam Kaatha Vinayagar During the days of great deluge, Lord Ganesha,Lord Ganesha,Lord Brahma had created Lord Ganesha here, with the help of crab shell, sea weeds and other materials available in the sea, named as “Pralayam Kaatha Vinayagar” and worshipped Lord Ganesha. was given the task of saving the world by Lord Shiva.

According to the Puranas, controlled the simmers of the seven seas under the “Ezhkadal Kinaru” – a well in the temple at Thiruppurambiyam, and saved the world from deluge. Thiruppurambiyam is situated at about 10 kms from Kumbakonam.

On Vinyaga Chathurthi Day, abhishekam using honey is being conducted for Lord Ganesha. No abhishekams are performed on other days. The Lord will be in the color of honey and any one who prays Him shall beget all the wishes fulfilled.



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