Lord Shiva

In the Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva is the Destroyer and the most important one in the Holy Trinity, the other two being Brahma the Creator and Vishnu the Protector. Lord Shiva has always fascinated his followers by his unique appearance: he has not two but three eyes, has ash smeared all over his body, has snakes coiled up around his head and arms, wears tiger and elephant skin, leads a wild life in the cremation grounds far removed from social pretenses, and is known for his proverbial anger.

Lord Vishnu

He has four arms and is male: The four arms indicate his all-powerful and all-pervasive nature. His physical existence is represented by the two arms in the front, while the two arms at the back represent his presence in the spiritual world. The Upanishad Gopal Uttartapani describes the four arms. Title has been given since some of these facts may be shocking for someone, soothing for devotees and interesting for others. Some of these facts may be known to someone but unknown to other.

Lord Brahma

In Hinduism, Lord Brahma is the first god of the Trinity (Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh). He is the creator of the universe. But, he is not worshipped as Lord Vishnu and Shiva. There is only one temple dedicated to him, which is the Pushkar temple of Rajasthan. And many temples are dedicated to Vishnu and Shiva. There is no corner of India where there are no temples of Vishnu and Shiva.

Pazhamudircholai Murgan Temple

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Pazhamudircholai is a Hindu temple located 10 miles north of Madurai, India atop a hill covered with dense forests. One of Arupadaiveedu of Muruga, is very close to the Vishnu temple of Azhagar Kovil. One can reach Pazhamudhircholai by car, van, two-wheeler or bus. There is a bus shuttle every 20 minutes from the foot of hill to the Temple. It takes approximately 15 minutes to reach the temple.

The Entrance of Pazhamudhircholai of Azhagar Kovil, it is one of the Arupadaiveedu.
Pazhamudhircholai is rich in fruits, vegetables and flowers. It is a dense forest where Valli is supposed to have lived. It is a small temple with Valli, Deivayanai, and Lord Muruga in a separate shrine. Lord Ganesha is also present in a separate shrine. There is a Temple Tower and monkeys play around the area. There is another small temple above Pazhamudhir Cholai. Local tribes lead their life here. It is a fertile hill with many natural springs and herbs.

Even there are hundreds of Temples in Tamilnadu for Lord Muruga, particularly six temples called as “Arupadaiveedu” are very famous among them. Very important situations in Lord Muruga’s history are takenplace in such places. Among the arupadaiveedu(Six Temples), it is the last Padaiveedu. This Pazhamudhir solai Lord Murugan is praised detaily in the very old Tamil literacy books such as Silappathikaram, Ettuthogai, Patthupattu and etc.

The great Tamil poet and saint Avvaiyar had been tested by Lord Murga here. In order to play with Avvayar who was the one of the very famous devotees of Lord Muruga, he played the drama.

One day Avvayar became tired while travelling because of very hot summer and so came under the shadow of a fruit tree. She was very hungry and Thirsty. At that time one small boy who had sat on the tree asked her whether she wanted fruits from the tree? Avvaiyar told that she wanted fruits. At that time the boy asked Avvayar whether she wanted either roasted fruits or unroasted fruits? Avvayar who was a famous Tamil poet, litterateur and having depth knowledge in Tamil thought,”Is there any roasted fruit in the world?” and decided that the small boy didn’t have knowledge even about a fruit. But, as she was very tired, she didn’t want to argue with the small boy and asked him to pick roasted fruits for her. The boy shaked the tree and so fruits were fallen under the tree. The mud under the tree had sticked on the fruit. Avvayar had taken the fruits and blew on the fruit to remove the mud. It was seen that as the fruits were roasted and become heat and hence Avvayar had blown the fruits to reduce the heat. At that time the small boy asked Avvayar whether the fruits were heat?

Avvayar astonished, “How such a small village cowboy had played such intelligent drama? I thought that the small boy has no knowledge about fruits and how the fruits in the tree may become roasted fruits.But blowing the air on the fruit to remove the mud is like blowing air to reduce the heat as the fruit is roasted. How a beatiful comparision. Such a beatiful comparision may not rise in my mind even though I have gained rich knowledge in Tamil.” and asked the small boy, “Who are you actually?” At once the small boy had disappeared and Lord Muruga appeared. Now Avvayar came to understand that it was a play of God and she understood that there were more and more things to learn. she bowed Lord Muruga and requested to give more and more knowledge. Such interesting incident was held here. We are all try to visit such a holy place once in our life in order to get the mercy of Lord Muruga.


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